Heartsong CD

January 26, 2020 Off By Henk Meulendijks
Heartsong CD
Heartsong CD
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I recorded the first CD Heartsong in San Francisco in Jan of 2007 with a remarkable sound engineer and sound healer. We used the Solfeggio scale tones (an ancient sacred scale used in ancient Gregorian chants, used by many sound healers today) by utilizing specially made tuning forks, accompanied by keyboards. All the songs were improvisations, or “first takes” by both of us. Nothing was rehearsed or added later. The only thing we needed to do out of necessity was to shorten some of the tracks so it would all fit on to 1 CD.


1) Peace

2) Evolution

3) Miracles

4) Inner Child’s Dream

5) Radiant Being

6) Returning Home

7) Unity