Heartsong II CD

January 26, 2020 Off By Henk Meulendijks
Heartsong II CD
Heartsong II CD
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Heartsong II

Recorded in 2010, this CD had been long awaited by many who have heard some of these songs in concert. This CD manifested differently than the first, I would wake up in the morning hearing beautiful melodies in my mind, and I was compelled to compose music backgrounds to support them.


1) Mystic Garden

2) Into The Central Sun

3) Bright Eyes

4) Deep Calm Sea

5) Angel Lullaby

6) Moon Dream

7) Twilight Glow

8) Dreamer

9) Angel’s Call to The Heart

10) Breezy Meadow

11) Compassion

12) Finding Peace

13) Majestic Wings

14) Mary’s Sonata